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Our exclusive 15 point diagnosis of your vehicle's transmission FREE!

Our exclusive Transguard Check™ is a 15 point diagnosis of the operation of your transmission performed by a trained Tanner Transmissions® technician. The Transguard Check™ will uncover any problems occurring in your vehicle's transmission and provide the information necessary for you to take the correct action for your vehicle.

Transmission Transguard CheckThe check includes inspecting the level and condition of the fluid in your transmission, examining the pan of your transmission for debris and contaminants, static operation checks of your transmission, a road test of your vehicle, and a diagnostic scan to look for problems occurring in your vehicle's transmission. Based upon the results found in the Transguard Check™, a trained Tanner Transmissions® representative will make a recommendation for any necessary service to your vehicle.

The Transguard Check™ is free to you and there is no obligation at any time. Get to the bottom of your concerns about your vehicle's transmission, call today and schedule an appointment at any of our locations.