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Power Flush™ Transmission Service

Power Flush Transmission Service

Tanner Transmissions™ is the only transmission shop in Utah with the patented Power Flush™. The Power Flush™ is the only automatic transmission flush that replaces 100% of the fluid in your transmission.

Clean Transmission Fluid versus Dirty Transmission Fluid

New transmission fluid on the left, dirty transmission fluid on the right. If your transmission fluid looks like the picture on the right, it's time for a Power Flush™

Power Flush™ vs Traditional Transmission Flush or Transmission Service

Traditional transmission flush techniques are not able to replace all of the old fluid in your transmission. Traditional transmission service techniques leave approximately one-third of the old oil in your vehicle's transmission. This means the new fluid is diluted with old, worn fluid.

The Power Flush™ transmission flush removes 100% of the old fluid and replaces it with fresh transmission fluid. With the Power Flush™, the pan is removed and all of the spent fluid is flushed out through the bottom of the transmission. This method removes the fluid from the torque converter, cooler lines, clutch packs and valve body, effectively replacing 100% of your vehicle's automatic transmission fluid.

Power Flush Transmission Flush being performed

We remove the pan and filter from your car's transmission and the Power Flush™ is able to completely remove 100% of the dirty fluid from your transmission.

How the Power Flush™ Works

The Power Flush™ is performed by a trained Tanner Transmissions™ technician using the computer controlled Power Flush™ machine. This assures that the service is performed properly. To complete your Power Flush a new transmission fluid filter and pan gasket are installed into your transmission.

New filter and pan gasket are installed during our Power Flush transmission service

A new pan gasket and transmission fluid filter are installed into your transmission with our Power Flush™ transmission service.

For more detailed information about your vehicle telephone Tanner Transmissions® today or stop by one of our nearest locations and a service manager can schedule your vehicle's Power Flush™ at your earliest convenience. The Power Flush™ can be completed in a short appointment.