Why Rebuild A Transmission In Salt Lake City?

At Tanner Transmission we pride ourselves in being a Utah based company. In fact, from our first shop in Ogden we have expanded to include shops in Sandy, West Valley City, Layton and beyond. We have also opened up a manufacturing plant in Salt Lake City where we are able to remanufacture and rebuild a transmission quickly, efficiently and using the latest state of the art equipment and technology.

Is There a Benefit To Rebuild a Transmission?

Virtually all transmissions will have some type of part failure after years of driving. The transmission is a very complex system that includes gears, belts, seals, gaskets, electronic modules and its own cooling system. Over time these components can fail or break down, which necessitates the need to rebuild a transmission.

To rebuild a transmission there must not be significant damage to the system that cannot be completely corrected. The goal of a rebuild is to replace any worn or failing parts with new, upgraded parts and options. Everything is cleaned, tested and verified to be in like new condition.

Then, and only then, the rebuild transmission is tested. We do this at our Salt Lake City plant on specialized equipment that allows us to "test drive" your transmission before it even gets to your vehicle.

Installation in Our Shops

Once we test the rebuild transmission completely it is shipped back to our shops in Layton, Ogden, Sandy and West Valley City to be installed in your vehicle. Our technicians will test the transmission again and ensure that it is in top working condition.

With our in-house option to rebuild a transmission, we can get you back on the road quickly and with a transmission that is fully warrantied and tested.