Understanding Your Options For Transmission Repair

The reason that transmissions are so difficult to work on has a lot to do with their design. Unlike other parts of the vehicle the transmission is very complex and is now, more than ever, designed to be a very specialized system with its own electronic modules, sensors and computerized controls.

Let Us Diagnose the Problem

When you bring a vehicle in to Tanner Transmissions in West Valley City for transmission service it is possible for our trained technicians to run a free diagnostic check that can identify the specific issue or issues that are causing the problem.

Depending on their findings you may need a transmission repair, which will be completed on site, or you may need to consider the option to rebuild your transmission or choose a remanufactured transmission.

A Rebuilt or Remanufactured Transmission in West Valley City

A rebuilt transmission is completed through our own plant and involves actually taking your current transmission apart, correcting the problems, updating any parts that need replacing, cleaning and rebuilding the transmission to like new standards. It is no longer a used transmission; it is a fully upgraded transmission.

A remanufactured transmission goes through the same process, but it is not the same transmission from your vehicle. However, it will be the correct transmission for your car or truck. A remanufactured transmission, like a rebuild, will have a warranty and will be complete quality tested and checked before being put back into your vehicle.

If you have noticed any changes in your vehicle, either a standard or automatic, and suspect the transmission may be the issue come in and see us. You can phone ahead to our West Valley City shop or drop by; we are here to help.