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Noise in Transmission

Noises in your transmission can be caused by several things. It could be something external to your transmission, or it could be something internal to your transmission. This should be checked as soon as possible.

Properly operating transmissions do not make any noises. A noise inside the transmission could indicate a problem. By identifying the problem early on, it could help prevent damage to your transmission. Continuing to drive a vehicle that isn't operating the way it used to will more than likely lead to further problems.

Transmission Noisy in Neutral

"I hear or feel a bump when my car is in neutral."

  • These noises from your transmission, while it's in neutral, could mean mechanical wear from some of the internal transmission parts. Reverse idler gears, worn bearings, worn gear teeth are some of the probable causes.
  • On the other hand, a professional transmission fluid flush could resolve the noise problem.
  • Our Free Towing to any of our shop locations, and free 15 point Transguard Check™ make it affordable for you to find out what transmission problems may be in your car or truck, and what transmission issues need fixing.

Transmission Noises : Grinding or Shaking

When operating properly, automatic transmissions perform smooth, nearly unnoticeable shift transitions between gears.

Grinding, shaking gears, or if you feel the vehicle "shimmy" into each gear, can be signs that something is amiss within your transmission-either adjustments or repairs are necessary.

Transmission Noises : Whining, "Clunking", Humming, Buzzing

The noises you may hear (that you have never heard come from your car before) may be similar to whining, buzzing, humming, clunking, clanking, bumping-you get the idea.

In manual transmissions, these sounds may be more abrupt and mechanical sounding.

But, for sure, these abnormal noises coming from underneath your car need to be checked out and diagnosed.

Call your nearest Tanner Transmissions® location today. We will perform our exclusive Transguard Check™ for free and get to the root of any potential problem you may be experiencing with your transmission.