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Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

If you notice your check engine light on, it needs to be reviewed. Check engine lights can turn on due to gas caps not being on tight enough, emission problems, or powertrain problems. Our Transguard Check™ will identify any potential transmission problems that may have caused your check engine light to turn on.

Check Engine Light, "O/D" Warning Light

"Is your check engine or O/D (overdrive gear) light on?"

Sensors throughout the engine pick up irregularities, and signal the computer when something is wrong in a particular area. In transmissions, these sensors can pick up vibrations and initial problems you may not even be able to feel or see.

If you notice a warning light flashing on your instrument panel-especially a light that says O/D-your car's on-board diagnostic system has registered an error with the transmission.

  • Our Free Towing to any of our shop locations, and free 15 point Transguard Check™ make it affordable for you to find out what transmission problems need fixing.