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Vehicles at Risk of Transmission Problems

Extreme Climatic Conditions

Let's face it, the things we all love about this great state in which we live can mean extreme operating conditions for our vehicles. In extreme conditions it's even more important to make sure the proper maintenance is performed at the appropriate times for our vehicles.

Towing boats, or trailers, driving up the canyons, and the extremes in temperature from winter to summer all put a load on your transmission. We recommend a Power Flush™ for your vehicle every 15,000 miles. If you're towing with your vehicle, an auxiliary cooler installed in your vehicle can help reduce the strain put on your transmission by keeping the temperature down.

A trained Tanner Transmissions® technician can install a cooler into your vehicle or perform a Power Flush™ in a short appointment. Call today and schedule an appointment at your nearest Tanner Transmissions® location.