Your Transmission Replacement Experts In Salt Lake City

Although our main manufacturing plant is in Salt Lake City, we can be found in West Valley City, Layton, Ogden and Sandy and serve the area we all know as the Wasatch Front. Our transmission technicians can complete a repair or, when needed, ensure you get the right transmission replacement to keep your vehicle on the road.

Why Transmission Replacement Over Repair?

At Tanner Transmissions our responsibility is to provide our customers with top products and services. As part of that responsibility we explain to our customers what options they have to get their vehicle back into top condition. In some cases we can complete a transmission repair, typically if it is a minor issue or something that is external to the transmission itself.

In many cases, with either a manual or an automatic transmission, the damage may be significant. When this happens we may recommend a transmission replacement as the current transmission is simply not able to be repaired.

Our Warranty Options

The rebuilding and remanufacturing of the transmissions is all done at our facility in Salt Lake City. This gives us full control over the process as well as our quality control features that exceed industry standards. In addition our technicians at our shops in and around Sandy, West Valley, Layton and Ogden can complete a transmission replacement quickly, efficiently and within the estimate to ensure that you can get back to driving your own vehicle.

We have many warranty options available at Tanner Transmissions. To learn more give us a call and schedule a free Transguard Check.