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Transmission Repair Ogden

There are three ways to repair a transmission. Repair a specific problem, update and rebuild the transmission, and upgrade your transmission by rebuilding it with higher performance parts than orignal.

In our 38 plus years of experience repairing transmissions for the Ogden community, we have found a complete transmission replacement to rarely be necessary. Replacing your transmission with a remanufactured transmission or an OEM transmission is the equivalent of heart transplant surgery for your vehicle. 98% of the vehicles we see are both rebuildable and reliable.

What is Transmission Repair?

Transmission repair involves removing your transmission from the vehicle, disassembling the transmission and repairing the damaged components inside your transmission. Inspecting the damage inside the transmission is a job best left to a transmission repair specialist. There are hundreds of parts inside your transmission ranging from large gears, to very small parts. Each of these parts is inspected to determine the cause of your transmission failure.

All Transmission Repair Is Not Created Equal

Transmission repair is not equal across the transmission industry. The differences come from techniques used during the rebuild process that may change the original performance of your transmission. At Tanner Transmissions, we believe in returning your transmission to it's original performance specifications along with updating the transmission for known problems. The statistical test system invented at Tanner Transmissions insures consistent performance with every single transmission rebuild. This is why Tanner Transmissions is able to offer a standard warranty that is longer than the original manufacturers, longer than the competition, and longer than a remanufactured transmission.

If you are interested in upgrading your transmission to high performance specs, we have done this for many customers in the Ogden area. Our transmission professionals in Ogden will be able to identify your particular vehicle usage requirements and work with you to build your transmission in a customized way that meets your needs.