Tips For Buying A Wholesale Transmission

If you are trying to save money than buying a wholesale transmission is a great idea. Our shops in the Salt Lake City, Sandy, West Valley City, Layton and Ogden locations are able to help you choose just the right transmission for your vehicle and even install it for you.

Rebuilt Transmissions

There are several different options when you are repairing your transmission. In some cases, if the issues with the transmission can be corrected, your best option may be to consider rebuilding your existing transmission. This means that your transmission will be fully taken apart, each piece examined and replaced, machined or upgraded, and then the entire system is put back together.

Everything is tested and quality controlled at Tanner Transmissions, allowing you to have the peace of mind in knowing that the transmission is in perfect working order when the rebuilt is completed.

Remanufactured Transmissions and Wholesale Transmissions

A remanufactured transmission is basically a wholesale transmission as it is a fully tested, upgraded and rebuilt transmission. However, it is not the transmission out of your vehicle.

Often our technicians will recommend a remanufactured transmission when there is significant damage to your existing transmission to make it impossible to repair to like new condition. We will always take the time to explain this to you and to also find a replacement transmission that is a perfect match for your vehicle.

Choosing a wholesale transmission from our Salt Lake City manufacturing plant allows you to choose your warranty and have the our shops do the installation. With locations in West Valley City, Layton, Ogden and Sandy we can provide all your transmission repair needs in the Wasatch Front.