Why A Used Transmission?

The vast majority of people donít realize that virtually all transmissions replacements involve a used transmission. It is actually impossible to buy a new transmission for a vehicle expect for a very few models by a very few automotive companies.

All transmissions that are put into vehicles in any shop in Salt Lake City, Sandy, West Valley City, Ogden and Layton are actually used transmissions. They may be called "new" by the shop, but they are actually a remanufactured transmission or a rebuilt tranny.

The Difference in Used Transmission Options in Salt Lake City

A simple used transmission is never installed in a top garage since it is taking a transmission out of a junk car and putting it into your vehicle. Some shops run basis tests but typically this type of option is not warrantied.

At Tanner Transmissions we offer our customers that need a replacement for their current transmission two options. A rebuilt or a remanufactured transmission, both which are used transmissions that have been fully upgraded, tested, monitored and then professionally installed into your vehicle. All seals, valves, electronic modules, belts and moving parts are thorough inspected and tested to ensure top performance before being shipped back to our shops in Sandy, Layton, Ogden and West Valley City.

The Difference for Customers in Sandy and Surrounding Locations

The key difference to remember is a rebuilt transmission is your own transmission where as a remanufactured is a transmission from an identical vehicle. Both are great options that will extend the life of your car and keep you on the road.

With our used transmission options of rebuilt or remanufactured we offer a range of warranties. This allows our customers inside and outside of Salt Lake City and beyond to choose the level of coverage they need.