The Basics Of A Transfer Case

Most people that live in this area, including those in Sandy, Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Ogden and Layton are familiar with driving a 4-wheel drive, 4X4 or an all-wheel drive vehicle. This is particularly true if you have a truck or an SUV as your fun weekend vehicle or just to get around on slippery winter roads.

What it Does

If you have ever used the 4-wheel drive feature when driving then you have engaged your vehicles transfer case. The transfer case is used to engage or disengage that four wheel drive function through the use of a shifter or, in some cases, it engages automatically.

The transfer box does this by connecting to the transmission of the vehicle and then to the axles through drive shafts. It is basically designed to provide power to the wheels, through the axles, when engaged and also lock the front and rear wheels on off-road vehicles.

Types of Transfer Cases in the Salt Lake City Area

There are two different types of transfer cases found in vehicles in the Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. These include gear driven and chain driven. Most of the vehicles you drive on the road, such as SUVS, cars and passenger trucks will have the chain driven types of system.

There are many different options in a transfer case and different options can be instrumental in providing additional power for specific types of driving needs. If you want to learn about options to improve your 4X4s performance give us a call.

Donít forget that at our Sandy, Ogden, West Valley City, Layton and Salt Lake City locations we can also complete all transmission and transfer case repairs you may need.