Signs Your Manual Transmission Is In Need Of Repair

In this beautiful part of the state getting out into the mountains and wild areas around Salt Lake City, Ogden, Layton, West Valley City and Sandy is a popular option for families and people of all ages. Driving off-road, using a 4x4 or even just enjoying driving a stick shift is all part of the benefits of having a vehicle with a manual transmission.

Sports cars and even luxury imports with a manual transmission are great for highway and city driving, but when the transmission starts to act up it is time to get into Tanner Transmission for service and manual transmission repair.

Clutch Issues and Your Manual Transmission

Often one of the first signs that drivers report is changes in the clutch. The clutch may feel really soft or you may have to let it out completely before the gear engages. If you do notice these changes come in to any of our locations in and around West Valley City, Ogden, Layton and Sandy and we can complete a free diagnostic that will pinpoint just what the problem may be.

Problems Getting the Vehicle into Gear

Another common issue is difficult in getting the manual transmission into gear. This is typically worse in first and reverse, but it can occur for any gear. Sometimes the shifting is accompanied by chattering or vibrations that will get progressively worse over time.

In many cases we can complete manual transmission repair services and get you back on the road. However, should you need a remanufactured or rebuilt transmission we can provide that too through our plant in Salt Lake City. Just give us a call or drop by at our locations in and around Ogden, Layton, West Valley City and Sandy to discuss your manual transmission concerns.