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When it comes to car trouble and repairs, many have a prevailing attitude of procrastination. Car problems are always seen as something that could be done later, or a problem that isn't nearly as severe as it seems. However, this is how you end up with an expensive fix, and a problem that only worsens over time.

Signs of transmission problems should never be avoided. Addressing the signs of transmission issues by taking your car to a transmission repair service in Salt Lake City is the difference between a relatively easy fix, and a complete overhaul that costs thousands. The team of transmission repair and service professionals at Tanner Transmissions is standing by with years of experience, and a commitment to the repair and preservation of cars-no matter the type. When it comes to transmission repair in Salt Lake City, no one beats Tanner Transmissions.

There are several things that can go wrong with your transmission, and it is important to recognize the signs, and have them addressed by the transmission repair and service professionals at our Salt Lake City transmission auto shop location.

"Does my transmission need repair?"

"Are those noises that I hear coming from my transmission?"

"How much will my transmission repair cost?"

Certified SLC Transmission Repair Experts

These are the questions to which you want quick and accurate answers. While the Internet can provide hundreds of pages of transmission repair information (and some "mis-information"), you need to have a live conversation with a local, Salt Lake City transmission repair service to get the right answers for your vehicle.

In our 38+ years of repairing and rebuilding transmissions, here is the information you need to know to best care for your automatic transmission or manual transmission, and any signs that transmission repairs are needed:

  • Manual and automatic transmissions contain hundreds of moving parts-gears, bands, linkage, gaskets and seals-one (or several) of which may be to blame if transmission problems occur.
  • Today's transmissions also contain a number of electronic modules and controls that could fail and cause transmission problems.
  • Minor issues could be resolved with a transmission fluid flush or linkage adjustment.
  • Other problems may require, repair, rebuilding or replacement of your automatic transmission.
  • Get the problem diagnosed as soon as possible. Do not "wait until later" or "when I can find the time"-this delay may turn a comparatively affordable transmission repair to a very costly repair later on.

If you find that your transmission isn't working properly, it's time to bring it in to Tanner Transmissions for a thorough inspection and transmission service and repair. We are completely dedicated to excellent transmission repair, and our customers' satisfaction. Don't wait until it's too late! Bring your car in to our Salt Lake City transmission auto shop for repair right away! Our Salt Lake City transmission repair services cannot be beaten, and our team is the most devoted in town.

Common Transmission Problems:

"I found a reddish fluid leak on my garage floor or driveway."

"When I shift out of park, my car hesitates before going."

"When I press on the gas, the engine revs up before kicking in and accelerating."

"I hear and/or feel a bump when my car is in neutral."

"My car shakes as it goes to the next gear."

"I hear a grinding noise when I shift gears."

"I hear a whining noise while driving."

"I hear a 'clunk' or 'clunking sound' in the engine while I am driving."

"My car seems to pop out of gear while driving, and I did not touch anything."

"My car 'shimmies' when it changes gears."

"My gear shift all of a sudden pops into neutral."

"My car will not shift into first gear (or 2nd, 3rd, or any gear)."

"My 'O/D' light is on."

"My 'check engine' light is on."

The variety of possible causes to the transmission symptoms experienced above has a direct bearing on transmission repair costs.

As is true with any problem (physical, medical or mechanical), an accurate diagnosis prevents needless costs for unnecessary repairs. The experts in our Salt Lake City transmission auto shop have the technology and expertise to find your transmission problem, and get you back on the road in the Salt Lake City area.

  • Our Free Towing to any of our shop locations, and free 15 point Transguard Check™ make it affordable for you to find out what transmission problems may be in your car or truck, and what transmission issues need fixing.
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